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I’ve been having a LOT of fun designing for myself now that I’m technically out of school. After making the Ramadan meal planning printables, I thought about it and realized that Ramadan and Eid isn’t mass advertised in the media as much as other holidays are. (Namely Christmas/Easter/etc) This is rather unfortunate because the Muslim American demographic is large enough to make more than a dent…

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If you’ve been following my Twitter (and if you haven’t then you totally should!) you know that I have been opting out for fruit smoothies when it comes to my breakfast these days. Granted they aren’t dairy free or in a Mason jar, but regardless, they are healthy, pretty, filling, and more importantly yum!

I don’t usually take the time to take a picture of the smoothie though because I’m too…

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Exciting news! Enchanté Macarons Français and I are collaborating on something special just for you! Yes, YOU. You can now purchase a set of 5 macarons and one of my Eid cards to send to your loved one in time for Eid for just $10!! 

*Offer includes two flavors of macarons available on

Please indicate which Eid card you would like to be shipped with your package (depending on availability)



Health Regimen- Ramadan Planning

FREE Printable for your Ramadan Meal Planning!



Last night I posted a status on Facebook saying how I was planning out my meals and exercise regimen for the month of Ramadan* because let’s be honest- us Muslims as a whole live a very Hedonist and oily lifestyle during the month of Ramadan (irony!) I’ve been using my Ramadan Battle Plan planner to map out my day and thought that I should have some sort of premade thought as to what my meals…

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Zoeva Brushes- UnBoxing

I’ve had my current makeup brushes, a mix of Sonia Kashuk/E.L.F ones for about four years. It was about time I got rid of the old and in with the new. I wanted something reliable but not out of my modest budget. A frugal investment, ya know? I knew the MAC brushes were wayyy out of my league and the EBAY ones weren’t as sophisticated as my taste. I came across Zoeva brushes through Zoella’s…

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Ramadan 2014

It’s that time of the year again! I’m talking about early mornings, late nights, and loooong days of hunger. If you guessed Ramadan, you’re absolutely correct! For those who do not know, Ramadan is a blessed month for Muslims where we fast from dawn to sunset as an act of worship to Allah, our Lord. During Ramadan, we strive to be the best by sacrificing our otherwise permissible, humanly wants…

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Enchante SF

The macarons in all their glory @EnchanteSF

I’ve been searching FOREVER for halal*- vanilla extract free (because of the alcohol) and gelatin free (because of the animal content) macarons. Every cafe/dessert shop that I’ve been to in the Bay Area has failed me in providing ingredients and therefore I’ve been deprived of the meringue-y goodness for so long!

I’ll stop being melodramatic now.

I decided to Tweet about my pain and ask the…

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