Ar Rawdah Jewels Logo

Ar Rawdah Jewels Logo

letterpressrenderRight before Ramadan started, I was contacted by Sara and Saba of Ar-Rawdah Jewels to design their new logo. The sister duo works together to create hand crafted bracelets, head chains, and scarf pins with Swarovski crystals and beads.


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They recently showcased their jewelry for sale at the Zoyasanievent in New York and thought that it was time to expand their…

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Golden Oaks Printing

I recently discovered a local mom and pop printer in Hayward thanks to a classmate. I needed cheap printing for my Eid cards so I could sell them at a wholesale price and other commercial printers were running too expensive and I couldn’t really customize them.

 I called before hand for a quote and their owner, Ken, gave me prices that were really affordable. I found out that they print in bulk…

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Eid-ul-Fitr 2014

Our family didn’t celebrate Eid to its full potential this year. Mostly because a family member recently passed away. Personally, I had the best Eid ever. It was not a normal Eid but I got to chow at my favorite restaurant for lunch and hang out with my family. Alhumdulillah. My cousins held a henna party at their house the night before so the girls in the community could get their henna done.


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Mailbox Love

I am truly blessed with supportive family, friends, and amazing clients. They all genuinely love me- what could be a greater blessing than that? This week I’ve been showered with appreciation and love. It all started with a volunteer appreciation Iftar (breaking of fast meal) for the Masjid Al Huda volunteers. We were all invited to dine on behalf of the masjid for working during the fundraiser.…

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Muslim American


I’ve been having a LOT of fun designing for myself now that I’m technically out of school. After making the Ramadan meal planning printables, I thought about it and realized that Ramadan and Eid isn’t mass advertised in the media as much as other holidays are. (Namely Christmas/Easter/etc) This is rather unfortunate because the Muslim American demographic is large enough to make more than a dent…

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If you’ve been following my Twitter (and if you haven’t then you totally should!) you know that I have been opting out for fruit smoothies when it comes to my breakfast these days. Granted they aren’t dairy free or in a Mason jar, but regardless, they are healthy, pretty, filling, and more importantly yum!

I don’t usually take the time to take a picture of the smoothie though because I’m too…

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Exciting news! Enchanté Macarons Français and I are collaborating on something special just for you! Yes, YOU. You can now purchase a set of 5 macarons and one of my Eid cards to send to your loved one in time for Eid for just $10!! 

*Offer includes two flavors of macarons available on

Please indicate which Eid card you would like to be shipped with your package (depending on availability)