Ipsy cosmetics michelle phanI decided to hop on the Ipsy bandwagon to see what the fuss was all about. For those who don’t know what Ipsy is, it’s a monthly subscription to receive five beauty products for $10/month. It’s on the cheaper or more frugal end of the spectrum as far as monthly subscriptions go and it varies with full size/travel size products. I received my package on September 11th but I was hoping that it…

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Domestic Diaries: What’s Cookin’?

Domestic Diaries: What’s Cookin’?

breakfast lunch dinner crepes waffles scrambled eggs food food pornI’ve been super hungry for unhealthy food these past couple of weeks. Sad, I know. It’s like I take one step forward and five steps back lol. If anyone of you knows how to stick to the healthy regimen please let me know!

From the top left is a capsicum/bell pepper (whatever you call it) pizza, top middle is a waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, Nutella, and strawberries (I didn’t make any of…

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Domestic Diaries: Taking Care of Your Cat(+ Wag.Com Review)

Domestic Diaries: Taking Care of Your Cat(+ Wag.Com Review)

mainecoon cat pet kittenMany of you know about my furry baby that I adopted in March from my local pet rescue. Yes, he’s still a baby regardless of size. A lot of people have fallen in love with him and have asked me what the maintenance is like being a cat owner and all because they are thinking of adopting a furry baby of their own. I told them that being a pet owner in general is a responsibility and not to be taken…

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Seeking Knowledge: My First Day at Rayyan Institute

Seeking Knowledge: My First Day at Rayyan Institute

Rayyan Institute coffee notebook kikki-k planner agenda organizerThroughout my educational career of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the task of taking an online class always daunted me because as a visual learner, sitting and reading through copious amount of text and then writing essays seemed too trivial.

As a student and teacher (to younger kids), I am a firm believer in catering to all the different types of teaching methods there is because no onecan…

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Giveaway 1Hello my lovely blog readers! I am sooo excited to announce that Maryamisms will be having its very first giveaway! My friends, Camila, KausarIqra and I have teamed up to bring you guys the must have items of the season- the LORAC PRO PALETTE 1 & 2! Yes, you read that right. We are not only giving away the first pro palette, but the second one as well! LORAC PRO PALETTE 1&2LORAC PRO PALETTE 2LORAC PRO PALETTE1But wait! There’s more! A few of the local…

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